circus lumineszenz


Oumua is a Light / Sound Installation, a three-dimensional object around and below which we can transit. Its 8 arms, 6 meters long each hold 130 meters of led strips that display a cycle specifically created for the piece. A musical piece was composed for the piece on the occasion of its premiere at Lumo Festival, Finland, and together they create a beautiful space of contemplation. The overall dimensions of the installation are 6 meters high x 10 meters diameter.

The installation was named after the first known interstellar object to pass through the Solar System (1I/2017 U1), "and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to us".

Oumua @ Feel Festival 2018

Oumua @ Lumo Festival 2017

Oumua @ Visualia Festival 2017


All our installations are waterproof and have been tested in the austrian forests during winter under rough weather conditions. Every setup can work "stand-alone" or be controlled in real-time via DMX / ARTNET if requested.

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