circus lumineszenz


Immersive Sound - Light Installation / Performance

Hue explores the relationship we have with light and its properties, and how we experience this medium. The set up is composed by up to 60 Led RGBAW light spots that are disposed on location having special consideration on the three dimensional resulting beams of lights, in order to be able to construct a personal relationship with LIGHT. To enhance and make this bond stronger, a fog and / or haze machine is used to illustrate the effect.

A soundscape has been developed to intensify this sensorial experience, surrounding the spectator in a bubble of light and sound. The dense atmospheric real-time sound composition makes the whole experience round, and so enables the audience to be submerged in a world of abstraction that facilitates the connection with the most rudimentary components of the piece. The lowest frequencies of the sound spectrum, being the most powerful ones (highly valuated in this installation) transmit this intention on a physical level, by literally make our bodies vibrate.

Given the possibility, the best would be to invite the audience to comfortably lye down on mattresses or "puffs" to have their bodies fully relaxed, ready and open for the journey.

The configuration is easily adaptable to different spaces and circumstances, being outdoors also a possibility since it is 100% waterproof. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to lye down the light spot on the floor, either on urban spaces or in nature, mount them in trusses or get advantage of architectural situations.

It is also possible to control the whole system by playing with different light objects in front of a video camera, converting the system in a very nice Interactive Multimedia piece.

Installation setup @ Kunstmuseum Waldviertel 2018

Performance setup @ Progress Festival 2018

Architectural Setup @ Lichtspiel Allensteig 2018