circus lumineszenz

Lusus Naturae

Lusus Naturae is a performance designed for small groups (maximum 8 people), which occurs in a 3mts x 3mts black out tent, allowing us to create an intimate space in order to connect with the visitors at hand and enable them to be consciously brought into a role of contemplation and presence, in contrast to a superficial consumer position. Inside our tent we are going on a little sensuous trip; smelling, feeling, seeing, hearing... It is a play with light, colours and shapes and although it happens in a “unnatural” environment, it connects us with nature on a deep and beautiful level.

In the end of the session we ask our visitors to share with us in one word how do they feel... The answers thus far are often: home / belonging / amazing / relaxed / rejuvenated / like in my childhood and so forth. Although the action within the tent is rather simple, the attitude and atmosphere created can touch the audience on a deep and profound level!

The duration of the performance varies between 8 to 12 minutes depending on each group.

Our wish is to work, create, experience life together on a conscious level!