circus lumineszenz

Entdecke dein Licht

"Entdecke dein licht" is an immersive theatrical performance, in which the audience is invited to experience LIGHT and the process of BREATHING in a conscious way. After a short debriefing at the beginning of the piece between the artists and the audience, in which we present the benefits of conscious breathing, we submerge into a 30 minutes long journey through different spaces were we re discover LIGHT and adapt our point of view towards the world around us with a whole new perspective. Each different room is designed in a different way, making emphasis on the distinct aspects of Light as a medium, an experience and as time-space itself, and we recall during our journey the positive aspects of breathing in order to remain calm and in control.

"Entdecke dein Licht" is a flexible format in which its configuration, duration and target audience is adapted to each circumstance. We design the space having into consideration the possibilities of each room and we adapt our timing and our story to this new environment. We also modify the way the story is being told, according to the presence of adults or children in the audience, and we have at disposal a wide range of Light experiments that we use to fulfil the needs of our narrative.



Time Lapses

Licht und Gegenlicht

Atme Tief

Innerer Lichtstrahl

Created with support from Otto Mauer Fonds